It all started with a simple leather clutch I made for myself and the lady in the parking structure who wanted to buy it off me. The same happened with a few pieces of jewelry I had made for myself.

Five years later Lili T. California has grown considerably and is now represented in quite a few stores all over the country. I can't make all my pieces by myself any longer. Some of leather work is now handmade Downtown LA. I'm still making all the jewelry pieces myself in my studio in the middle of the Mojave desert - in 29 Palms, where I live.  I love being swallowed by the solitary desert vastness that opens my mind in all directions and lets me be and work.

Before becoming a designer and an artisan I was a writer - art critic, columnist, copywriter, novelist. 

Anyway. Enough said. These are my bags, this is my jewelry. I hope you like some of my pieces.